I'm Mark and I Make Effects. That's pretty much it. If I'm honest, it was never my intention to start making effects pedals, it was something I fell into after messing about with electronics for something to waste time with.

I was always interested in electronics, building things from kits and schematics from books. Rigging up my bedroom with traps as a young teen. Painting was another love of mine from a young age, so why shouldn't the two combine to create something quite cool?

I built my first pedal, a very simple fuzz, after wanting to achieve that sound in my head, and had some success. After showing this to a mate, he instantly wanted one. The Fuzztard was born, now the Fuzz Mini. It didn't stop there; working in a guitar shop meant that work mates now wanted in on the 'tone'. From this point one MM Effects had been born, making hand painted fuzz pedals for my friends and fellow musicians, all with individual custom paint jobs.

The Outatime Drive came later as a custom shop request and after posting on social media, became the biggest selling pedal so far.

The story continues...